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Juan Villela

I’ve been hoarding a ton of bookmarks for years now and haven’t found an excellent way to share some of the more interesting stuff. So, I’ve decided to start my own, heavily inspired by Sadiq Saif’s Reading List series.


Things started off a little nostalgic for the old web. It is a prevalent feeling within the web dev community. Not all of us worked in the field back then, but most grew up around the internet early. And we’re not really happy with the current state of things. So, we go online and do what we do best. Complain. But the articles I’ve collected here are good and do a better job of expressing what I’m failing to do here.

But the last article is one of those stories embody the spirit of adventure from the early web. It’s a wild story about the most mundane thing. It’s amazing!

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Reading List 2

This week, in transition jobs. And this is my last week at the company I've worked for the last 3 years. It's a bittersweet moment, but I also had a lot of free time these last few days and I got to catch up on my RSS feed!