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Reading List 1

I've been hoarding a ton of bookmarks for years now and haven't found an excellent way to share some of the more interesting stuff. So, I've decided to start my own, heavily inspired by Sadiq Saif's Reading List series.

The Analogue Pocket: A Love Letter to Retro Gaming

In the quiet, pixelated corners of our memories, where the echoes of chiptune melodies linger, the Analogue Pocket has emerged—not merely as a gaming device but as a bridge across time. It's a conduit to the past, a nostalgic journey that rekindles the flames of our gaming history. It is an ode to a piece of technology that honors the legacy of handheld gaming.

Authenticity and the Personal Blog

There's a growing conversation about the true essence of personal blogs. Should they be a polished showcase of professional achievements or a canvas for unbridled creativity?

Shadows and Data: The 2022 Blackout Legacy

The city of Los Angeles finds itself shrouded in an unprecedented darkness. The year is 2022, now defined by a catastrophic event known simply as the Blackout, marked not just by the absence of light but by the erasure of electronic data—a reset of culture and society.

Tackling Bufferbloat with L4S

Our online activities have expanded to include everything from streaming movies and music to playing video games and participating in video conferences. With such diverse uses, the quality of our internet connection is more important than ever. L4S promises to revolutionize our online interactions by addressing a pervasive yet often overlooked problem: bufferbloat.

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