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On Pull Requests

In small teams, you're spread thin, constantly multitasking. Enter pull requests; the epitome of asynchronous collaboration. They're how you keep the bar high when you're running lean.

Refactoring's Unseen Value

Refactoring is not just about cleaning up; it's about future-proofing the codebase. It's about making it easier for the next developer (or even future you) to understand what's happening. But companies don't usually reward this.

The Plumber Problem: A Coder's Lament

Ever watched a hacking scene in a movie and cringed at how unrealistic it was? As someone who has spent years in the trenches of software development, these scenes are not just inaccurate; they're painful to watch. They're a caricature, a gross oversimplification of a complex and nuanced field.

On Climate Change

Climate change is no longer a distant, abstract threat. It's here, it's now, and it's personal. We've inherited a world on the brink of climate collapse. But it doesn't have to define our future.

The Ephemeral Web

We often take the permanence of our online data for granted. But as recent events have shown, this is a dangerous assumption. Archiving can help you regain control of your data and ensure that you have a copy that's safe from the whims of the digital world.

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