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Archiving Data for Posterity: My Move to M-DISC

I've been thinking a lot about data preservation. My ever-expanding digital collection grows exponentially. And while the average person might stream all their media and rely on some online drive for photos, I prefer a local-first approach. So what happens when my digital treasure trove is threatened by the impermanence of modern storage solutions? Enter the M-DISC.

TikTok Ban: Unmasking Meta's Machiavellian Maneuvers

Recruiting the consulting firm Targeted Victory to perform the unsavory task, Meta meticulously engineered a complex plan involving negative narratives about TikTok. The outcome was an unequivocal success. If we poke holes into how this ban was brought about, we reveal a writhing underbelly of xenophobia.

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I've finally settled into the new job and have some free time now to catch up on my RSS feeds and reading list. I read some amazing articles able the fragility of the web and how easily one of our most important utilities could crumble.

The Highs and Lows of GitHub Copilot: Why I Called It Quits

If you're not familiar with it, Copilot is an AI-based code completion tool, created by GitHub and OpenAI. What it does is suggest whole lines or chunks of code while you're writing. And a lot of developers initially loved this concept. But after nearly a year of heavy use, I've decided to call it quits.

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This week, in transition jobs. And this is my last week at the company I've worked for the last 3 years. It's a bittersweet moment, but I also had a lot of free time these last few days and I got to catch up on my RSS feed!

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