2021: I forgot what happened...

Juan Villela

Right around the start of the pandemic, I lost interest in blogging. Well, let me be more straightforward.

I’ve been working remotely for four years now. So, while everyone was trying to figure out how to stay productive at home, I was just living my normal life. I can work several hours while sitting in the same position as a potato and call it a productive day. On the other hand, my partner has always been the type to keep constantly busy and work on her feet. So, when she was forced to stay home for a couple of weeks around March 2020, she needed all my support to make the transition bearable.

And we all know how those “couple of weeks” turned into a couple of years. She’s still home; she never went back to the office. Our lives changed. But more so than that, we became different people. For better or for worse. And so, I stopped caring about sharing my thoughts online. Why would I when we were all thinking the same things? And some people were having it much worse than we were.

But that recently changed all of a sudden. There are still things I want to share about productivity and automation. But nowhere near with the same zeal I had a couple of years ago. And that’s fine. Like I’ve said, I changed. And so did my workflow.

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