On Trans Rights

Juan Villela

I should state my stance on this matter. And I’m happy to do so publicly. Trans people should have the same rights as anyone else. They should feel safe going about their daily lives like the rest of us. Their voice and vote should carry the same weight.

That should never be in question. How they choose to identify is their choice. And no religious or political organization should have any say in this.

Please understand that most people in power do not care about our rights. They do not lose sleep because they identify as something other than what is deemed “right” by conservative beliefs. What they care about is power and keeping it. And if it means destroying lives, that’s just the price they are willing to pay.

Chris Coyier summed it up well in his last post:

Trans people have always had it super rough, but it still feels like, all of a sudden, this is the massive groundswell of very real action against trans people. […] There is absolutely no reason for it. I find it likely that many of the people behind it don’t even care about trans people one way or the other, it just happens to be a potent outrage cocktail that is helping build political power for a party where outrage cocktails seem to be the only recipe that works lately. Damned if countless lives are ruined along the way.