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Juan Villela

I want to blog again. It’s been something I’ve struggled to do consistently for longer than a few months at a time. Maybe because I don’t find much interest in sharing or because social media has made me crave attention—something that requires more effort with a blog. Perhaps I’m just lazy. Either way, my relationship with the internet has matured and the online communities I frequent. And I’d love to share more of my thoughts.

In part because social media is dying, and spending time there makes me feel icky. But also because I’ve become increasingly concerned with what I’ll leave behind for my loved ones after I’m gone. I’d like them to feel still connected with who I was, and a blog is a great medium to convey my thoughts and interests. Luckily, we live in an era with a plethora of options to “immortalize” yourself, even if most of it is built on top of this delicate infrastructure. Nevertheless, the internet and the behemoths that control it will still be around in the next 50 years. So, it’s safe to say this will still be up for a while.

But fear of mortality aside, more of us should host and own our content. I’m not saying put up your wall garden, but rather, make your blog/site/feed your central hub, then syndicate everywhere else. It’s the easiest way to ensure your content remains yours and stands the test of billionaires’ whims.

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